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Birthdate:Jan 30
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Not much to say. I'll probably wind up doing what I was doing on LJ, posting art, fanfiction if I ever get to writing again, talking to nobody and all that jazz. Maybe this can be where I post non-Hetalia works. I run a Hetalia blog on Tumblr, y'know. It has a fair amount of followers considering I don't do much other than post France, FrUK, England and whatever 's in my queue.FrUK is one of my favourite OTPs in Hetalia. I have 5 main OTPs and then an armada of plain OTPs. I ship a lot since I like relationships and I don't find it right to only have one ship for a person (unless circumstances simply make it hard to ship with others) because each interaction is different. Would probably explain why I have so many KHR ships, haha. I probably ship more in KHR than Hetalia. Those are my two main fandoms; my favourite fandom and the one I'm most invested in, respectively. Free! and SnK are new so I tend to hang around those fandoms in my free time. I have a fair amount of ships in Free! and fewer in SnK. Probably because of the sheer gravity I feel in SnK. Um. I've been rambling this whole time so I'll just stop here.
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